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The main activity of HK PROLETER is the production and service of hydraulic platforms (articulated and telescopic, working heights up to 20 meters), all types of cargo crates with aluminum and steel sites of different heights and lengths, making single-axle and two-axle trailer to transport long cargo, containers with Self-lifter rear hydraulic stabilizers, press containers, ware upgrade to all types of commercial vehicles, special superstructures for waste transport, installation and service of concrete mixer, vehicle installation and installation of winter service. We are an authorized distributor and service PM hydraulic cranes and provide service and maintenance of all kinds and types of hydraulic cranes. In addition to these products we offer repair and service for all types of superstructures that are with you in service and require modifications or repairs.

HK-PROLETER as the company has a strategic commitment to supply the market only with the high quality products verified in the world in accordance with international standards. A system of quality management ISO 9001/2001 and the system of environmental management ISO 14001/2005 are established in our company since 2008.

Our business development is directed to the needs and demands of the market, with the steady growth, narrowly specializing in the programs that we have listed.

Our partners

Hidraulika Kurelja d.o.o.

za proizvodnju i servis specijalnih hidrauličnih konstrukcija i opreme, unutrašnju i spoljnu trgovinu i zastupanje

Darko Krstić, strukovni ekonomista
Mob: 062 287 383
Tel: 034/333-171
E-mail: direktor@hkproleter.com


Darko Krstić, strukovni ekonomista