• Self-lifter containers with rear hydraulic stabilizers
  • Without cross beams for open containers
  • Installation on the vehicle
  • Wheelbase 3,0 - 3,5 m
  • Creating a sub-frame
  • Hydraulic installation - complete
  • Management from the cabin and the side of the vehicle
  • Hands without telescopic hydraulic draw
  • Capacity approximately 6.000 kg
  • Total permitted gross vehicle weight 10.000 kg
  • The lifting weight from the ground on arm 2.700 mm – approximately 6.200 kg
  • Lifting weight below ground on arm 2.700 mm – approximately 4.200 kg
  • Certificate of safety at work
  • Certificate of conformity of vehicles with lift containers with the Law on Road Traffic Safety and the ordinance on the division of motor vehicles and trailers and the technical requirements for vehicles

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